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    Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India has been certified as a ‘Green Company’ by the state authorities, while our products and processes have been acknowledged as world-class, by customers within India and abroad. We have undertaken a series of Green initiatives in terms of energy saving and water conservation. With systematic investments made in plant and machinery, the focus is on continuous improvement of process capabilities, continuing training on lean manufacturing and technology up-gradation.

    Manufacturing capabilities that deliver high performance products for New Gen Engines

    Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India is well placed in terms of its infrastructure and expertise to meet the requirements of new generation engines, offering a range of material and product technologies from non-asbestos soft, graphite composites, rubber coated steels to multi-layered steels as well as other innovative combinations. Propelled by our R&D capabilities, we have been consistently developing indigenous products for our customers with a view to helping them reduce their dependency on imported components and consequently resulting in lowered costs. We manufacture a wide range of Heat Shields and Gaskets for various applications. Our Heat Shields have gained acceptance in a big way given their performance in meeting emission norms and enhancing cabin comfort by way of a heat drop.

    High Quality Standards with Zero Defects Manufacturing

    Our Manufacturing facility and infrastructure is capable of supplying not only on a JIT (Just-In-Time Delivery) basis but with Zero defects. The Zero PPM and Zero warranty trend sustained over the last two years stand testimony to the focused efforts of Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings Gaskets in this direction.

    The ANAND Heijun‘ka Manufacturing Process

    Manufacturing excellence at Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings Gaskets India is driven through the implementation of the AHPS: The ANAND Heijun’ka Production System which ensures the advantages of diversified & less fluctuated production through Heijun’ka Workload, a control flow between tiers through the pull method and streamlined processes to improve flow of material & information.

    ‘Green Company’ Certification

    The local Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has also recognized Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings Gaskets for all the green initiatives and methodology being deployed at the plant. Our green cover, substantial reductions in the use of materials, electricity, water as well as our non-asbestos processes have all contributed to our being certified as a ‘Green Company.

    A culture of safety

    At Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India, safety is placed above productivity. The fact that there have been Zero major accidents for a number of years is testimony to the culture of safety that is prevalent at Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings gaskets India and practiced 24X7 across the board. Our processes and machinery are infallible and our products are entirely non-hazardous.